Scalars AKA - Scalars Also Known As

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Scalars AKA - Scalars Also Known As

Post by Rich A » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:12 pm


1st Gear Ratio Automatic Trans = GRRAT1
2nd Gear Ratio Automatic Trans = GRRAT2
3rd Gear Ratio Automatic Trans = GRRAT3
4th Gear Ratio Automatic Trans = GRRAT4
Adaptive Control Max = MAXADP
Adaptive Control Max ACT = AFACT2
Adaptive Control Min = MINADP
Adaptive Control Min ACT = AFACT1
Air Con Pressure Sensor Switch = ACPSW_HP
Air Flow Through Throttle Body = ITHBMA
Aircharge Anticipation Logic Switch = ANTICIPATION
Baro Pressure Max = BPMAX
Baro Pressure Min = BPMIN
Drive Base Idle Speed = DRBASE
Electric Fan Switch = EDFHP
Fuel Injector Breakpoint = FUEL_BKPT
Global Spark Adder = SPK_ADD
Global Spark Multiplier = SPK_MUL
High Slope/Fuel Injector = AHISL
High Speed Fan / VS To Turn On = HSFVS
High Speed Fan / Load To Turn On = HSFLOD
High Speed Fan RPM To Turn On = HSFRPM
High Speed Fan Duel Control Off ECT = HSFECT_CL
High Speed Fan On ECT = HSFEC
High Speed Fan Switch = HEDFHP
High Speed Fan Temp To Turn On = HSFEC
ISC Duty Cycle Adder = IDCOFS
ISC Duty Cycle Multiplier = IDCMUL
Idle Speed Max Allowed = IDLRPM
Idle Speed Stepper For Start Up = BZZRPM
Idle Speed Timer Adder Start Up = BZZTM
Knock Sensor Max RPM = RPMMAX
Knock Sensor Min ECT = ECTNOK
Knock Sensor Min RPM = RPMMIN
Knock Sensor Present = KIHP
Knock Sensor Min Load = LODNOK
Low Speed Fan/ECT Off = LSFECT_CL
Low Speed Fan/ECT Temp On = LSFECT
Low Slope/Fuel Injector = ALOSL
MAF Max Volts = VMAMAX
Minimum Pulse Width/Fuel Injector = MINPW
Neutral Idle Speed = NUBASE
RPM Adder with A/C On In Drive = DNAC_DR
RPM Adder with A/C On In Neutral = DNAC_NEUT
RPM Deadband = RPMDED
Trans Shift Control =
Trans Type Switch =
Two Speed Fan Switch =
Type Of Cam Sensors =
VSS Type Switch =
WOT 1-2 Shift RPM = NE12S
WOT 2-3 Shift RPM = NE23S
WOT 3-4 Shift RPM = NE34S
WOT Air charge Correction Factor = ARCWOTCOR
WOT Multiplier Min Accel Rate =
WOT Time/Disable AC = WOTCOT

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