Commando, multiloader issues

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Commando, multiloader issues

Post by blklightning1 » Sat Aug 26, 2017 10:33 pm

Very recently started car with a known good tune after car sat for months on a battery maintainer. Voltage fine, engine started very rough, logged short turn fuel trims, both sides pulling -25% fuel, you can hear lean backfire in a couple cylinders. Remember this tune ran and drove car with +1 to -2 SFT in closed loop. Made huge changes to maf curve just to validate changes actual changed the curve, no differnce, still pulling -20/25% fuel.

Loaded an old tune from back in 2013 that had a little different intake plumbing only. Engine fired right up fuel trim with 1-3 % great, moved car to different location in garage. Changed master cylinder setup today, tried to start engine, rough running again. Logged SFT again, passenger blank only pulling -25% fuel.

Hooked up multiloader rev V14, picked another 2013 tune that was loaded as a failsafe. While tune was uploading/reflashing ecm, noticed cooling fans did not turn on like they always used to during uploads.

Unstalled SF gas and diesel, commando and restallled into same laptop that has always been used and kept around just for this tuning software/hardware. Reload different older tunes thinking maybe late 2016 and 2017 tunes are corrupt now since cooling fans don't energize now. Same outcome, no fans energize, sft -25% on know correct tuned MAF curves. I'm wondering if the multiloader is suspect or what. Car starts, but can't be driven. Anyone else have this happen of have suggestions. Scanned car, no bad cam or crank sensors, no pats issues either. HELP! (Mike Miller, 314-402-7064)

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Re: Commando, multiloader issues

Post by Sniper Chris » Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:48 am

I spoke with you on the phone this morning. Glad we got it figured out.

For those wondering what the problem was, it appears that his stock file had gotten corrupted. Replaced it with a new one and now back working properly.
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