Not sure what is wrong

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Not sure what is wrong

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Got all my software and key code in and tried to pull the tune off my car and it won't do it iam I doing something wrong or missing something I go threw the process of all the lights on click over till 3 are on and when I do that I get is 1 green 6 and 7 green and 8 is red it wont flash or anything i let it sit there for 10 minutes and never changes and thats all it will do if someone knows something could you txt me 3083910142
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Re: Not sure what is wrong

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I believe we spoke on the phone this morning. This info may be helpful for others.

Several things to check if doesn’t recognize “key on”

1. Slot 7 will never be filled. That's only for 6.0 liter diesel transmission files. You stock file will go into position 6 once the Interface is able to read the pcm.

2. Mare sure the Interface is NOT connected to your laptop and vehicle at the same time when trying to read the stock file (or when trying to flash into the vehicle). The Interface should be used as a stand-alone.

3. Most common mistake when trying to read is that the ignition key is not turned on soon enough. When you have LED's 5-6-7 lit up and you press the left button (to start reading), you wait for LED's 3-4 to start blinking. When they do, you only have 5 seconds or less to turn the key on. If you wait longer than 5 seconds then the Interface box will not recognize that you did turn the key on and the LED's can do what your picture shows.

4. Make sure there is NOT an aftermarket computer chip plugged into the pcm. If so, that can interfere with communication between the Interface box and pcm.

5. Vehicle battery voltage needs to be good. If the car is a daily driver and you have no issue cranking then I would guess voltage is good. If vehicle has been sitting a while then maybe put a charger on it.

6. OBD port on vehicle. I've seen some vehicles where one (or more) of the connection pins (female) on the OBD connector under the dash was not seated correctly. They were pushed out the back side of the connector. So take a look at the pins and make sure they are all seated properly.

7. There could be something wrong with the Interface box or OBD cable. They are tested before leaving here but you never know. They would need to be sent back for testing again.
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