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Functions AKA - Functions Also Known As

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Backflow Entry TP =
Close Loop Bias Multiplier w/VS =
Dashpot Airflow Cruise 4th Gear w/Locked Converter =
Dashpot Decay Rate = FN879
Dashpot Min Airflow 4th Gear Decels =
Dashpot Min Airflow Slowing Down =
Dashpot Settings = FN822
ECT Warm Up Time =
Fuel WOT Multiplier = FN303
Fuel WOT Multiplier vs ACT = FN300
Fuel Injector Offset vs Volts = FN367
Fuel Injector Timing / ECT = FN336
ISC RPM Adder For ACT = FN825B
ISC RPM Adder For ACT Start Up = FN826B
ISC RPM Adder For ECT = FN825A
ISC RPM Adder For ECT Start Up = FN 826A
ISC Crank Duty Cycle = FN884
ISC Idle Air Drive = FN875D
ISC Idle Air Neutral = FN875N
ISC Neutral RPM Adder = FN880
Idle Air Adder For P/S w/Time =
IMRC Opening RPM =
Injector Timing/ECT =
Knock Sensor Advance Rate = FN146B
Knock Sensor Retard Rate = FN143A
Load For Open Loop Decels =
MAF Transfer Function = FN036
Max Spark At Low Load = FN741
Multiplier Of Spark Sea Level Table 2 =
Multiplier Of Torque Capcity During 2-3 Shift =
Multiplier Of Torque Capcity During 3-4 Shift =
Open Loop Load Limit vs ECT = FN320A
Open Loop Load vs RPM = FN337
RPM vs Max Airflow = FN037
Spark Knock Adv Rate vs RPM =
Spark Knock Ret Rate vs RPM =
Spark Retard For ECT =
Spark Retard For ACT=
Temp Correction For infered BP =
Torque Converter Lockup/2nd Gear = FN2LS
Torque Converter Lockup/3rd Gear = FN3LS
Torque Converter Lockup/4th Gear = FN4LS
Torque Converter UnLock/2nd Gear = FN2US
Torque Converter UnLock/3rd Gear = FN3US
Torque Converter UnLock/4thGear = FN4US
Trans Forward Gear Engagement Speed =
Trans Reverse Gear Engagement Speed = FN616R
Trans Shift Schedule 1-2 = FN12S
Trans Shift Schedule 2-1 = FN21S
Trans Shift Schedule 2-3 = FN23S
Trans Shift Schedule 3-2 = FN32S
Trans Shift Schedule 3-4 = FN34S
Trans Shift Schedule 4-3 = FN43S
Trans Time Before N D = FN394F
Vehicle Speed vs LB/MIN Airflow =
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